The Jason Foundation

Christian Outreach

Welcome to the homepage of the Jason Foundation!

The Jason Foundation is the umbrella organization of the following likeminded Christian ministries :

Agape Mission

Homosexuals Anonymous

Jason International - Christian Ex-Gay Ministry

Katholisch Leben

The Jesus Brothers

Miserere Nobis - Catholic German Ex-Gay Ministry

Breath of Life - Holistic Christian Care


Greater Grace Ministries

Sunny Gill from Christians In Pakistan ( Here is his story:

New Hope Bible Sunday School (Pakistan)

The C.M.A.I. [Christian Missionary Assembly International] is a Christian Assembly engaged in missionary work internationally and reaches out to those with little hope. Mission Fields, local church Assemblies and cell groups coupled with many charitable activities in more than 58 countries are becoming empowered by the Bible in its entirety. Salvation and prayer are the main ingredients for missionary activities; this is an ever increasing ministry presented to the poor souls who have not witnessed the Word of God and so often live in under-nourished conditions. Jesus remains our strength.

The Kingdom Worker Ministry (Myanmar)

Krishna Batta (Nepal)

Ambassador of God Church & Ministries Pakistan