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Posted on November 20, 2017 at 1:15 PM

Jason Online Anonymous Group

November 2017

Country Mar-17 Nov-17 + -

1 Afganistan 7 11 4

2 American Samoa 16 12 4

3 Australia 13 15 2

4 Bangladesh 5 5

5 Brazil 9 9

6 DC Congo 13 15 2

7 Fiji 2 1 1

8 Ghana 7 10 3

9 Iran 19 22 3

10 Kenya 2 1 1

11 New Caledonia 9 12 3

12 New Zealand 9 15 6

13 Nigeria 2 3 1

14 Paua New Guinea 35 41 6

15 Peru 7 7

16 Philippines 71 84 13

17 Republic Congo 11 9 2

18 Samoa 23 22 1

19 Singapore 35 39 4

20 Sri Lanka 13 17 4

21 Solomon Islands 4 4

22 South Africa 10 13 3

23 Sudan 5 4 1

24 Thailand 49 56 7

25 Uganda 0 1 1

26 United Kingdom 4 9 5

27 USA 13 17 4

Totals 368 454 96 10

Of interest is the following.

1. The following new countries joined the Group. Bangladesh, Brazil, Peru. Solomon Islands.

2. Losses totalled 10 in numbers. We hope and pray that these dear souls will return to the Group and grow in the love of Jesus and accept a more complete understanding of SSA.

3. An incredible growth of 96 members is surely all praise to Almighty God. The interesting part of growth comes from

A 4 new countries bringing 25 new members.

B Incredible growth in Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. These countries are sadly rampant with “rent boys”. Slowly this is being exposed as unhealthy for all concerned.

4 Iran although sadly adverse to SSA, we note a healthy increase by 3 which is amazing given the pressure this country remains under.

The on-line anonymity seems to be helping members by holding firm to their confidences and yet at the same time, opening up to much

Christian understanding and acceptance is increasing with members and a number have surrendered their hearts to Jesus as a result.

With your permission Robert I would like to appoint 6 OVA members who are well verses in SSA and are trusted by the Assembly in all ways to assist in looking after close on 500 SSA members. I should mention that these members of OVA are qualified to undertake the difficulty of this task. This will be of no value to OVA other than in hearing the cries and needs of these poor souls and the offer of guidance. Please advise me Robert.

May almighty God bless you all with love and blessings.

Archbishop Paul

A battle for the heart of Africa - Burundi

Posted on May 15, 2015 at 4:05 PM

In Burundi these last few weeks, there has been moments of tension, conflict, celebration, overwhelming terror and periods of calm and storm. The last 18 hours has been a period of calm. Let me give you a little background; personally as to why am in Burundi and also I will put this political situation into context.


As a member of Homsexual Anonymous, I have likened the struggle within to that of a civil war, often characterised by the above-mentioned conditions and feelings. I moved to Burundi 5 weeks ago as I am a Director of a mission organisation, and we are currently initiating a farming project here. We seek to transform a community in one of the poorest parts of the world through the love of Jesus Christ and believe that reconciliation, between the Tutsi and Hutu tribes, is a fundamental part of this. However progress has been hampered due to the political situation. However, I am convinced God is working behind the scenes….. what good are projects if the hearts of men and women are not transformed?


Burundi is a country that has been torn by civil war and poverty. Though the civil war ended 20 years ago, the current unrest relates to the fact that two weeks ago the President announced his candidacy for a 3rd term, with elections coming up in June. Many consider this to be unconstitutional and illegal. The opposition have taken to the streets of Bujumbura, the capital, but most of these protests have been blocked and streets barricaded. Several have lost their lives in this time but thankfully not as many as had been anticipated. Thousands have fled the country. Concerned friends and family have asked me why I have not left. If the embassy calls for an evacuation, I may leave but not now as God has told me to remain.


On Wednesday, when I got a visa extended for the next two months, things escalated and by mid-day a Coup d’Etat was announced by the military. That was when the dancing on the streets began; all while the President was in Tanzania. At 3.30am that night there was no dancing going on. Instead there was a torrent of machine gunfire and explosions about 1km from where I live. The target was the radio and broadcasting base which the opposing parties (ie., a divided army) were vying for. The President’s supporters won out and now on Friday, the President has resumed his position and is back in the country. After two days of being completely house bound, I sense pervading sense of calm which is almost “too quiet”.


The political situation here in Burundi may be far from stable, and the future far from certain, but I know that above all, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has a plan. My personal belief is that a Burundi is on the brink of revival but the battle is on. I am trusting that A National Day of prayer will be called. Please join me and many others in Burundi and all over the world as we pray for God’s healing and His glory to shine in this beautiful land. Thank you God for your perfect peace!


Tom from Ireland

Pr.Paul Steven Walusansa Walube

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 3:05 PM

Pr.Paul Steven Walusansa Walube

Pastor/Teacher at Manifold Grace International Ministries

Affiliated to Christian Missionary Assembly International

Ordained at Greater Grace World Outreach

Degree in Theology, Diploma in Education

Married to Caroline Daisy Walusansa

Six Children

Looking after 6 Orphans at the moment

Head of Missions Department.

Bugembe- Jinja, Uganda.



Church Planting and Missions- At the moment to Eastern Uganda.


Conduct regular religious worship services through various forms of ministries Propagate, transmit and communicate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to Churches, congregations, assemblies, gatherings, colleges, schools and all other academic institutions Train ministers for the Gospel of Jesus Christ; conduct Bible studies, conduct individual and group instruction Preach the Word of God Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ



Stop the begging!

Posted on September 21, 2014 at 7:45 AM

We know them all – Christian ministries that beg for money, using more or less sophisticated means of publicity and modern media. You get to see those poor little children with the sad eyes, or they try to get you with all sorts of tearful stories.

Anything wrong with that? Yes, a lot. Besides the fact that we should not abuse pictures of dramatic situations for fundraising, we forget why we are here for at first place, what the center of our focus should be – and what not.

So accepting money is wrong? Not necessarily. Begging for it is.

How that? Look at Jesus and the apostles. Yes, when something was offered to them, they accepted it, but they did not go from house to house telling people stories of their persecuted followers to get them to donate them a couple of coins.

Almost all of the apostles knew some trade – and most likely used it. So can we. We can use simple methods to meet our daily needs and teach others how to do that. Example: Dr. Douglas McIntyre serves as a missionary in Uganda right now. Among others, they lack electricity there. So instead of begging others for money, he learned how to build a simple wind generator by using a barrel – and he taught others how to do that so they don’t have to beg either.

Whatever ministry you are having: Accept what is offered to you, but don’t send out emails asking people to give you money and don’t organize events with the sole purpose to raise cash.

That stinks.

As Christians, our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment: leave everything behind, take up our cross daily, love the Lord with all of our hearts; go out, baptize people and make them disciples – and love everyone in word and deed (like by feeding them or teaching them how to get food). The apostles did not care whether or not they received donations. They lived a very simple life – even for the times back then – and look what they did with that.

So can we: Cut it down to the basics. You don’t need to act like a worldly company. We have a love burning within us that is beyond anything the world could possibly offer. We do not share that burning love by raising huge ministries who make millions of dollars, but by loving them, living with them, being there for them and make Jesus become present in us.

Go out and become a true disciple before you call others to. Leave the world behind – and with it worldly methods – and become more like Christ. Jesus did not start a fundraising campaign among the Jews or the gentiles either: He owned nothing and asked for nothing. He taught us to become the lowest of the lowest.

Think back of Mother Theresa. I cannot remember ever having heard from her she wanted money. And yet she saved so many lives – and souls!

We should do no less.


Interview with Pastor David from Uganda

Posted on



Robert: Dear Pastor David Kisaame, you thankfully agreed to be interviewed. I am positive your input is more than needed over here. Pastor, you live in Uganda, Africa and are the director of the Greater Grace Ministries. Can you please explain what exactly you are doing there?



Pastor David: I am Pastor David Kisaame, the Overseer (Director) of Greater Grace Ministries in Uganda. I was saved in 1992 and from that time I have been operating in my call as a Pastor/ Teacher and a Church planter . I hold a Bachelor in Biblical studies, from a Bible School in Uganda started by missionaries who came from Maryland Bible College and Seminary Baltimore, USA . In my calling I have taught in Bible Schools and in seminars, Churches and in Communities about the Word of Life. I have also helped plant Churches in Kenya . In my calling I have traveled to different countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda DRC Congo, Ghana, Finland and the USA.



Currently, Greater Grace Ministries has the following outreaches:



1. Evangelism and Planting Churches is our priority number one in my call. Together with my team we reach villages and towns with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After that we plant Churches where many people responded and appoint a Pastor for them. Currently we have over 15 Churches spread in Uganda and Kenya.



2. Bible College training for Pastors is another outreach. We believe that unless a Pastor is trained he cannot be a good steward of the Word to the congregation. He is able to preach truth other than teach heresy. So we have a Bible College though not big. It has no buildings, but we use our Church buildings as temporary Bible College .



Here the challenge is that we lack land for College buildings and buildings themselves . Another challenge here is that pastors from rural areas have no money to pay for their theological education so there is a need for funding in areas of scholarships.



3. Childrens Ministry. Here we have come up with an idea of teaching young Children the Bible and the best we could think of is to start a Christian school. By having these Children in school the bible is taught to them constantly as they are the future Church for Christ. However this school is in the Rural area where education level is low and paying fees by parents is not easy so we almost provide our services to teach depending on God's provision.



4. Orphans. We support Orphans with all life necessities as far as our resources can afford. We have put some of these Orphans in the Christian school. They are kept in our homes.



5. A pregnancy resource center. This is an outreach to girls and women who are in a lot of pressure from their pregnancies, thinking of aborting their unborn . This is very prevalent in Uganda though the law does not allow abortion. But due to poverty in homes many babies are aborted every day. So we came up with this idea of counseling these women and girls against abortion. This office has seen many babies born in the natural way . Our Ministry is for sanctity of life. We are anti-abortionists because life starts right after conception and is given by God. Nobody should terminate life only God who gave it Jer 1:5.




R: What are the most urgent needs of the people in Uganda?



P: The most urgent needs of the People of Uganda are


1. Alleviation from Poverty. Uganda is a Third World country and land locked. In the west is Congo, in the east Kenya, in the North Sudan and in the South Tanzania and Burundi. So it has no access to the ocean. This has made a great impact on Uganda by depending upon other nations. The unemployed rate is very high among the youth. We need programs or projects that will help especially the youth to start up businesses or succeed in agriculture. We believe if these projects. If given funds for supporting them are well managed, poverty can be eradicated from our society. Since the Church is among the population it can play a vital role in the community, by implementing these projects. In a nutshell - Uganda needs projects. If the wealth of a country is attained, sickness and diseases become rare, families and homes get income, illiteracy is not heard of because every child can go to school.



2. Health Education Programs. Most of the Uganda community live in rural areas or villages where illiteracy is very high. That is why there are so many orphans in Uganda. People are not taught how to prevent Aids/HIV. Teaching in rural areas about Aids is important. Not only that, but tropical diseases are at rampant, no medicines in hospitals, bad eating habits and healthy living needs to be taught and if our ministry is funded it is ready to carry out some of these programs.




R: What can you tell us about the Christian Church in Uganda?



P: Christianity in Uganda has been going through a lot of political upheavals since 1962 - the year it received political independence from Britain. Wars after wars, military coups after coups, guerilla wars and so on.



R: How is the current political situation in your country? Is there a need for Christians to be afraid?



P: Unlike other Easter African states, Uganda has gone through a lot and Idi Amin left a scathing mark on Uganda. However, now since President Museveni came to power 30 years ago some relief has been realized and peace prevails. Under such a prevailing situation Uganda is enjoying and Christianity is growing rapidly. We reach people with the gospel and free to say or defend the Faith . Many Church buildings are being put up. There is absolute freedom for Christianity in Uganda.



R: How do your outreach and evangelization efforts look like, Pastor David?



P: Our efforts to evangelize are done in a free and peaceful environment. Even we evangelise to the Moslem community of which some receive Christ in there lives and come to pray in Churches . The only hindrance for our ministry is that we don‘t have vehicles to reach distant villages or deep mountain areas. But as far as planting Churches and teaching the Bible, we are absolutely free.




R: For a long time missionaries came to Africa to tell the people there about Jesus. Now it looks like the West needs missionaries from Africa as its own Christian faith is going down. Do you agree?



P: With this kind of peace for Christianity in most of African countries , many gifted Pastors , Teachers , Evangelists Prophets and Apostles are being called to ministry by God and since Western Countries are cooling down there is a need for their spiritual revival.



R: In what way can the Church in Africa be a shining light for the nations? What special gifts do the people in Africa have?



P: The African Church can provide these gifted men to lead the revival in the Western World and Europe.



R: What message do you want to give to the people in other countries?



P: I appeal to other countries, first of all to the political side . Let governments create a free atmosphere for Christianity. God is ready to change the lives of people as long as He is honored and given glory. If there is good governance, Christianity can flourish every where. To the Rich Western World: give funds towards the growth of Christianity. Give to charities that reach the people with the Word of God and God will bless you more and more.



R: How can people contact you?



P: Pastor David Kisaame can be reached on the following addresses P.O.Box 3229 Kampala Uganda Tel +256782461403 or +256752461403 Email,




R: Thank you pastor for sharing this with us.


May the Lord bless you all richly.



Munich, December 12th 2016



Robert Gollwitzer