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Posted on August 11, 2015 at 12:45 AM

An update from the CMAI.

There is an ever increasing growth in applications for ministry with the Assembly. At this time, the Executive is looking prayerfully at all aspects of the Assembly with a particular consideration towards home/cell groups, prayer and increased faith. There has already been an increase in small groups and with them has come mighty blessings for those who attend. The Executive is determined that there should be no further projects in any Assembly until such time as existing projects have been proven to glorify the precious name of Jesus. Many projects that have been started and have not been successful are oftentimes over-shadowed by new projects. It is the Assemblies belief that starting small is potentially more productive than starting with big ideas that have produced unsuccessful achievements with previous small projects.

Worldly problems are in no way localised to any one country, rather, internationally problems are on the increase not only to the Assembly but to all groups/assemblies/churches that are determined to minister the name of Jesus unashamedly.

On a local front here in New Zealand, I can mention that as a result of the devastating earthquakes in recent times, there is continual suffering by many people who remain un-housed, lack food, clothing and bedding are sometimes insufficient for our winter months. By assisting these people it is a mighty blessing as it also leads to a wonderful opportunity to minister to them the name of Jesus and see them blessed by almighty God. Salvations are definitely on the increase leading to a substantial number of home groups in this city now. The needs of these people are great and I ask that you uphold them in prayer.

God bless.

Archbishop Paul Andrews

August 10th, 2015

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