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Update from The Greater Grace Ministries

Posted on August 14, 2015 at 11:55 AM

This week has been a week of events . All Churches , . This is a Church location West of Kampala City . The occasion is graced with preaching, teaching by different Pastors and then late in the evening we have a banquet . The purpose of this is to build unity among our Churches .Our theme that day was from John 17:21, when Our Lord prayed for the Disciples, That they remain one .

After that different choirs from different Churches sung and praised God, making the day colourful

Many Visitors came to the gathering and we had an opportunity to minister to them and 15 received Christ as their Saviour .Then the following Monday all pastors had to leave Kampala to go for a retreat in Northern Uganda , which is a 9 hours drive so that we can get together in prayer, more fellowship and reviewing Ministry work for the past year .We hired a remote village guest house where we need total silence in exclusion . Even as I write this now we are still there , and hope to leave by Saturday early morning Bus .We have time every morning going out to villages evangelizing and proclaiming the grace message to people . They respond positively and many receive Christ . Tracts are given out to those who can read English . We promised to translate some of the tracts in their local language called Luo, but it is not easy as many of us dont speak that language .Another thing we found out is that in those remote places , the Christians dont have Bibles in their local language and I appeal to members . Today I came across a Pastor who showed me a tattered , torn part Bible and I .was very much touched . How could such a Pastor preach with such a torn apart Bible ? Pray for this area that God gives me a donation to buy Bibles in their local language and supply them . Each Bible costs $9.0

We expect to go back, next year for another Pastor's retreat . The area is ripe for the gospel .

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