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Posted on July 13, 2017 at 2:25 PM

Dear Brethren,

I have been asked to write a short understanding of JASON.

I have personally met JASON and his mother. I know only too well the circumstances behind JASON’s history. Jason was a 17 year old young man who was tormented at his high school because he was suspected of being gay. The suspicion was based on the fact that at 16 years of age he did not have a girlfriend. The interesting point here is that JASON was actually gay but, not a practising homosexual. He was tormented psychologically, emotionally, and beaten without mercy coupled with the most humiliating physical abuse. Pastor Mike, was the man who dealt mainly with JASON. He ministered countless hours to this young man, he dressed wounds that had been inflicted upon JASON. Pastor Les, and myself were involved in a lesser way with JASON. However, knowing JASON as I did I can state clearly that regardless of his young life he achieved much, he touched many lives, and he achieved considerably more in his death then most Christians will ever achieve.

Meeting JASON,s mother I could understand the Christian values that JASON stood firmly on. Admittedly Pastor Mike, Pastor Les, and myself knew nothing in regards to JASON,s father. I can now inform you that I have met his father and have had many conversations with him to the extent that he surrendered his heart to Almighty God and it has been my privilege to have baptised him and given him the right hand of fellowship.

I did not ask him many questions about his marriage with JASON,s mother, because I did not consider that that was at all relevant at this point in time. I only wanted to meet the father and see where he stood on Christian principles. He was loosely associated with Christianity but this became more intense when I explained to him that his son although he took his own life was in many ways a martyr to the church and an amazing influence on a number of people with certain difficulties. The father was most unsympathetic toward homosexuality. However, when I explained that JASON was a homosexual but not a practising one judgementalism was in every way unacceptable critical and sinful. The father asked me to explain why people are homosexuals. I told him that I could not answer that question because I simply do not have an answer to that question. I do not know why people are as they are. My position as a minister of the Gospel is to support love and pray without ceasing for all people regardless of who or what they are, or for that matter what they have done. I explained further that I have ministered in many churches including the offending church that expelled JASON because they were informed that he was homosexual. Is it any wonder why a 17-year-old young man struggled in much pain to be expelled from a Christian church that lacked in every way the principles of Christianity. I agreed with Brother Mike that blood of JASON will be firmly on their hands until they repented of their sins. This did not take place until about two weeks ago when I preached in that church the message of JASON and how his life and death has been rewarded by people struggling to understand same sex attraction. At the end of the meeting I was able to have an altar call and to my extreme pleasure the majority of church members came forward and confessed their sins to Almighty God concerning the harshness, lack of understanding, lack of love toward JASON, and their lack of proving that they are indeed saved by Almighty God. I witnessed considerable joy after that meeting and over she had lunch I was asked numerous questions in regards to JASON MINISTRY. If I recall correctly I arrived home after a morning service about 5:30 PM. I was also able to ask permission from the Pastor of that church if on the following Sunday morning service I could baptise into fellowship JASON,s father. The father is now a member of the church who contributed in a big way to the death of JASON.

I am excited because I have witnessed miracles. The miracle of meeting JASON,s father, the miracle of so many members of a critical church surrendering their hearts again to Almighty God after they repented of what they had done to JASON, the miracle of baptising JASON,s father.

Life can be difficult but we must face reality that regardless of how difficult life is there are people who will openly laugh asked regardless of cost, and help us back onto our feet. But there are also people who care not, and will openly put more barricades in our ways of difficulties. Our duty as Christians is firstly to judge not, to not all grudges, but to pray openly and constantly pray firstly to those who are blessings from Almighty God. Our duty continues to pray and are left those that lack Christian principles and continue to argue against the love that Jesus showed us quite clearly on the cross at Calvary. That is our duty to pray without ceasing regardless of who the person may be, love is easy when we truly love Almighty God, when we truly understand what it is to kneel at the foot of the cross and surrendered daily to Almighty God and ask daily for sustenance in difficult times and to reach out to others regardless of who they are and share the love of Jesus with them. That is our duty, and if we fail in that basic duty on the day of judgement I believe that Jesus will not be impressed with such a failure.

Brethren, I pray daily for you all that you will continue to reach out regardless of cost, but please understand the purpose of the Jason Foundation. Now that you know briefly why Jason ministries have progressed to the extent that they have then the simplicity of understanding the Jason Foundation is a must. I encourage you all to participate more fully, to share your ministry, and your hopes for what the Jason Foundation could possibly achieve to help people in difficulty.

May the Lord bless you all as just reward for your efforts.

Love and blessings.

Archbishop Paul

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