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Christian Outreach


Agape Mission  is a registered Religious Non-profit Organization in Kampala, Uganda. Registration No. S.5914/9460, TIN No. 1009971111. Agape Mission is a project under Agape world ministries A home for the homeless/resource center to former street/Slum Children, Children from risky family situation, Gay victims and drug addicted substance abuse victims and school dropout girls under 19 years of age in slums/villages involved in do bias behaviors in the community due to different difficulty life situation.

Jason International - Christian Ex-Gay Ministry – is a Christian outreach ministry which seeks to mentor those in need into making positive decisions in life through the guidance of our counsel and the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Homosexuals Anonymous - is a Christian fellowship of men and women who have chosen to provide support and guidance to those wishing to live alternative models of life beyond a life based on acting out their same-sex attractions.

Katholisch Leben - "Katholisch Leben" is a Catholic ministry based in Germany which focuses on evangelization, apologetics, love for Israel & works of love and mercy.

The Jesus Brothers were founded as an ecumenical Franciscan order of Christian men living with and for the poor and marginalized and speading the Good News in word & deed.

Miserere Nobis - Catholic German Ex-Gay Ministry

Breath of Life - Holistic Christian Care - "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Genesis 2:7 (KJV). "Breath of Life" sees human beings as entities that include body, psyche and soul. 

The Words Within - An Evangelistic and Apologetic Christian ministry.


Greater Grace Ministries (Pastor David Kisaame​).

Ministry Statement:
- To preach the Gospel all over the World
- To preach the Gospel with a vision to plant Churches
- To transport, propagate and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the public at large and to the communities
- To care for the sick 
- To establish a strong home base Church
- To provide  basic housing care , education and Bible training for street Children (literacy / Bible Classes)
- To establish adult  literacy classes
Contact address:   P.O.Box 3229 Kampala Uganda  Email

New Hope Bible Sunday School (Pakistan)
Ms Raseeta Shabbaz from Sahiwal in Pakistan helps orphans and poor children and is a Sunday School teacher.
Her contact information:
Tel.:  +92 301 4428515
kot khadim ali shah,chak no.86/6-R dakkhana khas sahiwal

The C.M.A.I. [Christian Missionary Assembly International] is a Christian Assembly engaged in missionary work internationally and reaches out to those with little hope. Mission Fields, local church Assemblies and cell groups coupled with many charitable activities in more than 58 countries are becoming empowered by the Bible in its entirety. Salvation and prayer are the main ingredients for missionary activities; this is an ever increasing ministry presented to the poor souls who have not witnessed the Word of God and so often live in under-nourished conditions. Jesus remains our strength. Contact in New Zealand: or 0064 27 327 7999 (Archbishop Paul Andrews)

The Kingdom Worker Ministry (Myanmar). For more information, click here. To contact them, send an email to Samuel Van: .
Samuel Van Ram Mawi
No.1014, Doya 6 lane, 49 Qt, North Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone: 09789730708

Outreach and church Ministries Nepal (OAC Ministries Nepal) - Our mission is reaching people with Good news of Our Lord Jesus Christ and equipping the churches to do the same in allover Nepal .It has started with a vision to cultivate the warm Fellowship in the Nations . 
Krishna Raj Bhatta (Team Leader OAC Ministries Nepal)

Ambassador of God Church & Ministries Pakistan began in 1993 with a group of Pastors and Evangelists who had a vision to restore the early church that was seen in Acts 2. We envision Ambassador of God Ministries to be more than a denomination or an association. It is a community of churches seeking to model the spirituality, vision, and partnership exemplified. Ambassador of God is committed to developing disciples of Christ within our churches, as well as spreading the gospel message to unreached people through church planting and missions work etc. For more info click here.