The Jason Foundation

Christian Outreach

Here are the basic rules we go by in The Jason Foundation. Rules that you can also find in many churches around the globe:


All need to work together so that each person in society can have his or her basic needs met. Private property is valuated as a means of regulation for the best of all.


As long as smaller units can do their tasks, they need to do it themselves. Only if the common good or individual lives are in danger or the smaller units are unable to do their tasks for whatever reason, the next bigger unit has to step in – always with the goal of helping the smallest unit to do their tasks by themselves.


Each person has the freedom to live his or her life without unnecessary interference from outside. The common good only exists if inidviduals or society as a whole profit from it.

Munich, July 9th, 2015

Robert Gollwitzer

Leadership principle of The Jason Foundation:

We motivate out members by giving them responsability and not by giving them a list of rules to obey at all cost. If one of us receives support whatsoever, we rejoice for this person and group and are not jealously throwing mud at one another. We are one family under the Lord and the servant leadership Jesus showed us is owr ultimate role model. He served by giving His own life.